Regina, Saskatchewan, May 11, 2022 Regina-based real estate development and management company, Avana, is reasserting its commitment to the City of Regina and the province of Saskatchewan by announcing Regina as the location for Avana’s headquarters. 

Located at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and the Ring Road in East Regina, the 16,000 square foot building features two floors and a main floor parkade. 

Avana’s housing portfolio features over 1,000 homes in Regina and Edmonton, with three major developments currently under construction in the Alberta capital and two major developments here in Regina. 

“Even though we are currently making significant investments in Alberta, the choice to keep our base of operations in Regina is the right decision for Avana,” says Jenn Denouden, Avana’s President and CEO. “We started Avana to be different, to go against the status quo. We are proud of the impact we are making in the communities we serve, the vision we have for our industry, our province, for our home; these are the things that matter most.”

Construction is beginning immediately and all construction materials are proudly being sourced through Saskatchewan companies, the project will provide 30 local companies contracts and will supply work for over 200 tradespeople. 

“Avana owes our success to our residents and the people who will ultimately come here to work every day to realize our purpose-led endeavour to build quality, affordable housing in safe neighbourhoods,” says Denouden. “We want to specifically thank Rob Hutcheon and his team at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for their continued support to Avana over the years and specifically around this exciting announcement of the Avana headquarters.”

Avana is a family-owned, female-led business that was founded in 2014 and has been widely recognized in the business community for its high-growth, purpose-led business model. In 2020, Avana became the first female-led enterprise from Saskatchewan to break the top ten fastest-growing Canadian companies list published by Macleans, and more recently, was named among the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the Americas in 2022 by a leading financial publication.

“Seeing shovels in the ground on such a monumental project is a testament to the incredible work we have been able to accomplish at Avana and a signal of what is to come,” says Tara Osipoff, Avana’s Executive Vice President. “This new home will provide us with a state-of-the-art facility to continue our remarkable growth and share our success with the communities we serve. Choosing Regina was important to us as this is where Avana began.”

For more information, contact:

Chris Harris, Manager of Communications and Media, Avana
Phone: (306)501-2245
Email: chris.h@avanabuilds.com

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