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Avana is a strong advocate for women and children with a mission to lead with a purpose that is driven by our values. We are proud to partner with and support the community organization, Sofia House. For the month of October Avana is matching donations to Sofia House up to $5000.00! Visit the website to make a donation in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Sofia House is a non-profit, second stage housing facility in Regina, SK that provides safe housing and supportive programming and counselling services to families who have experienced domestic violence. The immediate priority of Sofia House is to provide their clients with a safe environment through their 20 apartments equipped with basic essentials for every day living. A reserve of donations in-kind is kept on-site to restock apartments or present to those families that have completed their stay.

In addition to a safe place to live, Sofia House provides supportive counselling services. A combination of individual and group counselling for all family members is offered. Focus is on building self esteem and empowering women to use their coping skills and incorporate them into leadership skills.

Domestic violence can look differently from situation to situation. It is a pattern of verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual behaviours used by one person in order to gain power and control over another person. Domestic violence refers to abuse that occurs in the contact of an intimate relationship or family setting.

Domestic violence is committed by both women and men, however women experience violence differently.

  • Violence against women is more frequent, severe, and morelikely to be life threatening than violent acts against men.
  • Physical abuse of women is more likely to result in the needfor medical treatment.
  • Women are more likely to experience violence fromintimate partners in their homes.
  • Women are at a greater risk of sexual violence.
  • The fear of violence is more prevalent in women, potentiallypreventing them from being fully active members in their communities.Statistics on Domestic Violence in Canada
  • Over the past 5 years, 8% of women report that they have experienced violence by an intimate partner.
  • On average, 73 women are murdered by their husbands every year. This is more than three times the number of men who are murdered by their wives.
  • Only 37% of female victims of spousal violence reported incidents to police.
  • 11% of women who reported at least 1 incidence of spousal violence in the previous year went to a shelter or transition house.
  • Since 2000, the rate of spousal violence against women has decreased while the rate of violence against women by their boyfriends has increased.
  • The most likely victims of domestic violence include: Women under the age of 25
    Aboriginal women
    Women in lower-income households.

In closing we would like to remind you that COVID-19 has effected many of us differently. It has really shone a light on the need for second stage housing and supportive programming for our community. Now, more than ever we need to band together and support those who are experiencing hardships.

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