Deck the Halls Without the Damage

The holiday season is almost here, so it’s time to decorate! It’s a magical time of year when you can turn your rental into a cozy winter wonderland. Picture twinkling lights, the fresh scent of a Christmas tree, and mistletoe hanging around, making your home feel super festive. But if you’re renting, it’s important to follow the rules in your rental agreement.

Security Deposit Tips: You might have to pay for some fixes, like repainting walls or repairing damage caused by nails or too many holes in the wall.

Following the Rules: When moving furniture, get the green light from your landlord first. And be careful not to scratch or mark the floors and walls. If you do, you might have to pay for any repairs, depending on your rental agreement.

Decorating Your Place: Before you start painting or poking holes in the walls or floors, it’s a good idea to check with your property manager. They can let you know what’s allowed and what’s not.

These guidelines help ensure your holiday decorating follows the rules while keeping the rental property in good shape. Enjoy making your space festive and cozy for the season!

We get it; the holiday season is exciting, especially if you spend it in a rental home. So, we’ve got some tips that’ll help you keep the holiday spirit alive without breaking any rental rules.

Tip #1: Fake Christmas Trees and Soft Mats

Think about getting an artificial Christmas tree with a strong stand. This way, you won’t scratch up the floor. Put a soft tree skirt or mat underneath for extra protection.

Tip #2: Garland Ties

You can use special ties to put up garlands or lights around stair railings or other stuff without using nails or staples.

Tip #3: Get Crafty with Furniture

You can use your furniture to make your place festive. Hang lights or stockings on the back of a sturdy chair or a tall bookshelf. It’s a perfect spot for your holiday decorations.

Tip #4: Talk to Your Property Manager

If you need more clarification on your decoration ideas, it’s a good idea to chat with your property manager. They might have some rules or suggestions to help you decorate safely.

Tip #5: Fun with Christmas Lights

Decorating with lights is awesome, but what if you want to avoid messing up the walls in your rental?

Here are some cool ideas:

  • Brighten up your balcony with a cool, lit-up bicycle.

  • Turn empty wine bottles into magical light fixtures by adding tiny string lights inside.

These ideas will help you enjoy the holiday season and keep your rental property looking great!

Decking out your rental for the holidays can be manageable. By getting a little creative and using damage-free methods, you can decorate as much as you want and still make your property manager smile. This December, dive into the holiday spirit, decorate your rental with style, and enjoy the season without stressing about the aftermath. Happy decorating!

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