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“Change is not born out of silence” – from

“Change is not born out of silence.

Recently, we had the opportunity to be very vocal about an issue that is at the very center of Avana’s core values. We have always been vocal about affordable housing, but our voice has moved from meeting rooms and unfruitful email chains and moved into the public forum. We have always used Avana’s voice to advocate for change, however, once we did so publicly we made the people who are able to make those changes uncomfortable. We did what is considered unconventional for private business in our province and we openly communicated our discontent with the current provincial government policies. 


Regina, Saskatchewan, May 11, 2022 – Regina-based real estate development and management company, Avana, is reasserting its commitment to the City of Regina and the province of Saskatchewan by announcing Regina as the location for Avana’s headquarters.

Located at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and the Ring Road in East Regina, the 16,000 square foot building features two floors and a main floor parkade.

Avana’s housing portfolio features over 1,000 homes in Regina and Edmonton, with three major developments currently under construction in the Alberta capital and two major developments here in Regina.

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