Welcome to Eastbrook: A Place to Discover!

Eastbrook isn’t just a regular neighbourhood; it’s a friendly community in the heart of Regina’s southeast. It’s where families, individuals, and friends come together to make unforgettable memories.

Location: Regina

Homes for Everyone

Eastbrook offers a variety of homes that suit different needs. Whether starting a family, going on new adventures, or simply looking for a cozy spot, you’ll find the perfect home here. It’s a place where communities are built so your friends and family can stay close even as your life changes.

What to Expect

Eastbrook is more than just houses; it’s a way of life. There are cool public spaces to hang out in, pretty walkways to explore, and green spaces that welcome everyone. The buildings are well-designed and look great, and there’s art integrated into the community. The streets are carefully planned, and the landscapes feel natural. Together, these things make Eastbrook unique and a place where you’ll feel right at home.

So, join the Eastbrook community, where you’ll find inclusivity, convenience, and a fantastic lifestyle. It’s a place where you’ll make memories you’ll treasure forever! Join the Eastbrook and explore our Chuka suites today!

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Leopold’s Tavern is a Regina classic. Feel right at home with a short 8-minute drive to  Leopold’s Tavern East. Cheers!

A Convenient Lifestyle

Eastbrook is in the southeast corner of the city, surrounded by lots of valuable things that make life easier. You’ll easily access nearby communities, parks, grocery stores, shops, and schools. Eastbrook is truly a fantastic place to call home.

Area Amenities Included Nearby:

Tree Icon
Four parks including Pirate Park and almost two kilometres of walking and biking paths near by.
School Icon@2x
Five schools and a recreation centre in the area.
House Icon 1
The Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre and Arcola Community Centres nearby.
Semi House Icon
City Transit Routes throughout the neighbourhood.
Church Icon@2x
Places of worship within close proximity.
Shop Icon - 1@2x
Nearby Chuka Blvd. where you'll find Dairy Queen, Boston Pizza, and McDonald's.

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