Help Us Help Her.

2021 Annual Holiday Fundraiser & Beyond.

With the help of people like you, the committee has successfully provided nutritious food hampers, snowsuits, gifts, and care packages to several hundred families right in our community, and we are forever grateful for your support. This year, we are looking to make an even larger impact that transcends the holiday season. Your donations will impact families long after 2021. 

The Help Us Help Her annual event creates a magical experience for families who often dread the holidays due to their family circumstances and hardships they face. Seeing the smiling faces assures us that the work we do matters and has a significant impact within our community. The families within our community need our time, our energy, our compassion, and our understanding. Let us be the guiding light for families navigating some of the most challenging times they’ll ever experience.

What we noticed in the first few years after the inception of the Annual Fundraiser, was that the needs of our most vulnerable population far transcended the holiday season. We need to support our communities through charitable acts all year long. This has created a shift in our efforts – for the 2022 year and beyond, we are working at a 12-month long approach. 

We are asking you, our friends and partners, to join us in supporting our most vulnerable populations. Your support matters, your support makes a difference, and your support is greatly appreciated.

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